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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  January 25, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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batts quit, then it"s just n beaten by a federal judge. e ruling that could turn o-p-d over to feds. another daring mission by te special-ops team that got oa
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if the oakland police department thought it was bruised and cheap bats but that's just been beaten by federal judge. the ruling that could turn opd over to the feds. >> another daring mission on the special ops team that got osama bin laden. >> getting the job and getting the best deal also. what you don't have to settle for the first salary offer. >> i'm dana king. >> and ken bastida. the oakland police department is teetering on the edge of the federal takeover. >> the scandal plagued department doesn't mean they immediately to made good on reforms that made nearly decade ago, the consequences will be severe. >> to say that the federal judge blasted opd seriously downplays this five-page ruling in my hand, effectively the judge took opd to the woodshed
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saying, get iraq together now or we will. >> is the major change in direction. >> this cost the district judge to consider replacing opd and the leadership but didn't consider this scathing five- page ruling to read that after nine years oakland pd has failed to do what they said was possible in just five years. >> we are all frustrated as to why this can't be done. >> it started with the riders trial, and if they thought the police report back in 2000. the trial ended in hung jury that the civil lawsuit led to attend million-dollar payout and an agreement to change 51 51 department policies of federal supervision. opd focused on just 22 and only 11 changes have been made.
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>> the judge said, i want more proof of this but i can't press you to do it. and i will take total control. >> since the agreement there have been five police chiefs. anthony that's recently resigned in disgust, but the three mayors which is supposed to be the reason he abandoned the job. top that with not one but five city of the streeters and that's why opd is immediately order to get the approval of eight federal monitor on any decision involving change and policy, personnel, and purchasing of equipment. if they fails, the department is in receivership. >> tony rivera faced federal
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monitors at san francisco's former police chief and is the transparency of keeping pets off his back. oakland has had lackluster progress and attracting guns on citizens. >> if you are attending the right thing, people have to know it. >> the federal monitor will begin tracking and overseeing opd this month and will continue through march. this department could be in receivership by late summer. tonight there has been no word from opd on this issue. >> what was shaping up to be at heated debate over millions of dollars in budget cuts quickly turned into eight major disruption by occupied protesters in oakland. the chaos that derailed the special council meeting at the
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city hall. >> $25 million in gadget like budget cuts. >> even some of the unions here tonight agreed to the elimination of redevelopment because one group has been pitted against another. but as the council discussed it, occupy (shut down the meeting. demonstrators and to the balcony, shouting, no more budget cuts. the council president larry reid declared the 15 minute recess. the county had not even begun talking about an administrative proposal and would make further budget cuts. police observed that did not act. >> we will automatically pay
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laid-off. >> during the first recess, council member rebecca kaplan adopting an speaking style try to pause them. the final plan has yet to be drawn up by city council. >> i think this will be an opportunity for the council to hear the proposal and ask questions, and the plan is that next week on the 30 first council will vote. >> if you watch the president briefed the audience during his state of the union address last night, he may have noticed to stop and speak briefly with defense secretary leon panetta. it turns out that good job referred to the daring mission which was at that moment
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wrapping up. navy seals mosquito woman and her danish colleague who had been kidnapped by pirates in somalia. it was the same elite team of seals that killed obama bin laden. -- osama bin laden. >> backup special operations forces remained in the air. moving quickly and quietly, the commandos pressed about the mile and half to the nearby camp where us intelligence had determined that danish coworker were being held. at the closing, shots were fired. all nine of the suspects were killed but there were no american casualties. they carried the three captives to cbt. they were kidnapped october 20 fifth in the lawless region of somalia where pirates and
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criminals can use kidnapping. the senior administration official said president obama decided monday night to watch the rescue after fresh intelligence revealed that buchanan's health was quickly deteriorating. the successful mission came just months after the trek down and killing of osama bin laden. this morning vice president biden praised the rescuers. >> everyone should know, we will find you. we will find you and take care of americans interests. >> one option was to possibly take them alive but another said they were heavily armed with explosives nearby. he added that the troops acted appropriately. >> an emotional sendoff today for gabrielle giffords, figures of the congresswoman who shot
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in an assassination attempt and she resigned her seat in the house of representatives. >> i'm so proud of my friend. it will always be one of the great treasures of my life to have met gaby difference and to have served with her in this audience. >> her courage, our strength and her downright order to learn inspiration to all of us and all americans. >> gabby, we love you. we have missed you. >> gifford says that she hopes one day to return to office. >> the embattled san francisco sheriff has parted ways with his attorney. robert weidner said today that he's no longer representing the sheriff but gave no details. this shirt is set to go to trial next month over an alleged domestic violence incident involving
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his wife. hers is among the names on the witness list that the prosecutors released today. it also includes the ex- girlfriend, and the neighborhood that by police after videotaping the conversation lopez about the incident. >> i. >> san francisco man whose father and brothers was shot to death in front of him broke down in tears today as he testified against the accused gunman. he said he thought that word grandma was opened fire on his father's car as they drove home from the family outing. since the gang member this took them for rival gangsters, i must admit that he was there as the director, but it is another man fired the shot. the school board approved the plan to use drugs within dogs at three high schools. the searches came up after as
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sudden spike in drug and alcohol suspensions. starting next month please will use the dogs and parking lots and locker rooms when the students are not around. today the santa clara medical center received the biggest donation west of the mississippi. all the $5 million gift was used to purge the state-of-the- art facility in san jose. the record-breaking donation can be doubled with matching offers by next year. >> the bay area is home to the area's brightest minds. it's not surprising that three of the country smartest teams within our midst. >> jim pond is often called the genius that he doesn't like it. instead he calls the top of
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problems over. right now is building the robot that can shoot the basketball several feet into the air, it is for another project that could one day change the world that made this remarkable 17 year old of finalist in the intel science talent search. >> if you are confused, then your not alone. >> this is the low-level across the board. >> while it was proposed across the 30 years ago. >> the complex study could one day impact medicine, biomechanics and medicine. people have the chance to win $630,000 in prizes. jim found out he was of finalist while teaching the middle school math class.
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he splits his time between teaching, taking classes at stanford and here at gunn high school. but perhaps the next big problem he has to solve is, where he's going to college. >> my parents want me to go to harvard but i want to go to mit. >> in palo alto, elizabeth cook. >> also among the local intel science search finalists, 17 -year-old lisa chang of saratoga high and 18 -year-old sherpa so on. >> the company is looking to hire. the bay area job they are and why is it good idea not to accept their first offer. >> and the medical breakthrough hillside to find the possible vaccine for cancer by accident. >> their last big stunt and it was the cannonball through the house. their unusual requests this
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researchers in new york are planninc clinical trials ona vaccine designed to kill car cells, and keep once back. is the potential breakthrough in the battle against cancer. researchers are in new york are providing clinical trials on vaccines that will kill cancer cells and keep them from coming back. they say it was an accidental discovery. at the accused to project the potential organs can actually produce immune cells that can attack immune cells. >> this concept came from nowhere and i'll let every setting and it did work. it was hard to imagine. >> at the clinical trial shows
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the vaccine works, it will likely still be seven years before it is available on the market. >> for the unemployed getting the job offer is not an easy task. but if you do catch the attention of the prospective employer, would you know how to make sure that you got the best deal possible too. >> dennis is the wanted man. >> i like the way you present your skills. >> is graduating soon and making the rounds of the jampacked job affair. high-tech firms are on the hiring binge according to him. >> are probably getting 10 calls that day. >> he says that companies are providing more with alone. >> we heard close to 760 seat
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of those nationwide and 28% said they were negotiating salaries with employers. >> it means the economy is improving. just don't be shy, go ask for more money. >> the agency has a few tips. do your homework on the way and it gets to vote, keep your cool and come back with other numbers like this. >> what i'm saying in the market is just such and such of salary. and it seems like the salary that you are providing me, the size of your company, it's about 10% less than what the value is. >> the santa clara university career centers does justify the higher paid by selling the value. >> digital -- you want to see the employer mindset and say, how can i meet that need of? >> is for him he's hoping to
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get 75,000 per year as an entry- level software position. and he's not afraid to ask for it. >> this will be great deal with us and you can expect more from me. >> so be humble but confident. know your limits but don't be afraid to push. now, go get paid. >> san francisco's fisherman's board will beginning of facelift. since 2006 the san francisco planning department has been working with organizations to help explore some improvements to the area, now it's gone. the public realm plan will include upgraded materials, better parking and widening sidewalks. we'll move on jefferson street stretching between powell and high. >> did you have the large aircraft flying around quex no.
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but, if you do, the thrusters would like to try it. one of the hosts pleaded that they are looking for at 200 beats playing for just the couple of days to use in the bay area. and the host says, we won't blow it up. it's not clear what they want to do with it but maybe they are trying to see if they claimed that under the golden gate bridge. >> high-temperature as well about the average but it started to weaken. what that means for the rest of the week when we talk about that coming up.
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it turned out to be as spectacular day around the bay area. temperatures mild outside, almost springlike. i pressure dominating but now starting to buckle just the bit. a few more clouds moving in but still not as bad night. some patchy condensed fog but not as thick as it has been over the last couple nights. san jose 47, san francisco 30 showing of the valleys.
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tomorrow temperatures running cooler outside and still of the above-average as we head to the afternoon. the high-pressure still holds onto it will start to weaken a lot of it. back down the temperatures to bring a few more high clouds in our direction. otherwise not bad. i is tomorrow not bad either as you see the temperatures again by the afternoon in the 60's. 63 in san jose, 62 in concord and 60 degrees with partly cloudy skies and san francisco. i pressure will start to weaken just the little bit and that will allow for a few more clouds coming in our direction, but by friday afternoon, plenty of sunshine and warm weather coming our way on saturday. cooler on sunday but it looks like no brain for at least the next 527 days. ,,,,
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all right. no football to talk about, the baseball to talk about, but there is basketball. mark jackson came in, new head coach and was predicted big things. he protected the lawyers would be in the playoffs and the owner came into the studio and had several similar feelings but i think i overestimated their talent. but it's early in the season. the warriors blew up 20- point lead and lost but it's good that they hold onto the fourth-quarter lead, the tonight. dante must have hangover over them at this game. but curry is here. he wanted to corral on the other end and the lawyers are
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winners, 101-93. defending champion ken closser is taking on are really up for that ticket to the australian finals. he returned as she goes to her first grand slam after 25 tries. she will play the winner. remember that, listen to this little kid. >> what's wrong? >> is up the 40 niners would be in the super bowl ? well maybe next year they will be in the super bowl . i'd love you, do you still love me? who have got it better than us? >> nobody. >> i think it's going to represent the entire bay area. he took it so hard. >> guest. but there is always next year.
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>> yes, and they will be back. you know, but i would tell him, the super bowl is in new orleans next year and that would be way more fun. >> i will tell him i did the same thing last year. >> i will tell and this will be the huge life lesson. >> yes. speaking of life lessons, of solar storms spark dazzling the spread of the northern and southern lights. the green and orange glow lit up the sky and this follows the biggest solar player in six years. scientists expect solar eruptions to become more intense next year and the display was also visible in northeast england and ireland while they are there. but it doesn't matter because i can't stop thinking about that
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little kid crying. glad too. >> if you miss that clip, we'll put it on our website. >> we will just rip your heart out over and over again. >> the one with the boy will probably go viral. >> we will be back at 11.
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